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10 Best Places to Live in Your 20s if You're a Health Nut
10 Best Places to Live in Your 20s if You’re a Health Nut

If you’re a health nut and in your 20s, it only makes sense that you will be living in a place that embodies health. Pollution levels should be low, there […]

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The ultimate goal here at is to provide real, actionable weight loss tips, advice on diets that actually work, easy workouts that anyone can get started with, and the mindset and motivational tools needed to make incredible lifestyle changes.

Why Name The Site “ExFatChicks”?

Because that’s what we are! The founders of have all spent a lifetime struggling with weight issues and unhealthy lifestyle habits. We also turned our lifestyles around by learning about nutrition, dieting, fitness, managing temptations, and supporting each other. You can read more about our story here.

We know what its like to want to lose weight, but fail constantly and feel like the whole effort is hopeless. We know how difficult it is to try crazy fad diets that don’t work. We know how tough it can be to go to the gym when you’re a fat chick.

We write content that we hope will inspire other fat chicks to accomplish their weight loss goals. In addition, we’re constantly looking for content from professional trainers, nutritionists, and other women who have succeeded in their weight loss journey. In short, we want to provide a website that will help other fat chicks achieve their weight loss & lifestyle goals.

We sincerely hope that can be a part of your successful weight loss journey. If you have any feedback, questions, or just want a little (e)love, give us a shout through our contact form.

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