10 Best Places to Live in Your 20s if You’re a Health Nut

10 Best Places to Live in Your 20s if You're a Health Nut

by Geninna

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If you’re a health nut and in your 20s, it only makes sense that you will be living in a place that embodies health. Pollution levels should be low, there should be adequate greenery and free space to roam around and chill, fresh food should be available (eg. farm to table restaurants, ports for seafood, fresh markets, etc), access to gyms, yoga studios, sports centers, pools, stadiums, etc., there should be low-cost of living and a great healthcare system.

You would also need a lot of employment options with lower stress levels. Hey, you’re only in your 20s and just starting out so why bother with the wrinkles? So which places have all of these and more? Let’s take a look at our list of 10 best places to live in your 20s if you’re a health nut.

1. Panama


You might be surprised why Panama is on this list. While it may not be recognized on any list as being one of the world’s healthiest countries, you should take a closer look at Volcán. This Panama place has the best green-highland scenery and low-cost of living.

The weather is consistently spring-like, which means you can spend a lot of time outdoors, catch some sun, have a picnic, or hike and trek. The greenery also means fresh air.

If you want to know the food in this area, you have fresh farm produce and seafood. The seafood is freshly caught every day. This area is also where Panama gets 80% of their produce, including free range eggs, other poultry products, coffee, fruits and vegetables, all available within arms reach.

They also have specialty farms like hydroponic ones where you can get lettuce, herbs, and exotic fruits.

And if you’re tired from all the trekking and walking, you can rest and have a dip in their thermal springs or sign up for birdwatching!

2. Iceland


A small population and huge land, Iceland’s pollution can be zero compared to China. Icelanders are gym buffs, believe it or not. This is how they beat the winter blues and since they have chilly weather, working out is done indoors.

You can live out well into your 70s if you live here and there are only 2 deaths per 1000 live births. So if you’re also looking to settle down whilst in your late 20s and looking for a great country to give birth in, Iceland is for you.

The clean air and the consistent gym workout is also possibly a factor why only 18% of females and 19% of males smoke.

3. Ecuador


There’s a special place in Ecuador called the valley of longevity. It’s in Vilcabamba and if you’re a health nut, you will enjoy the sans pollution environment and highly oxygenated air. The water in this area has a unique mineral combination and has abundant negative ions from the rivers.

If you’re a fan of natural healing, medicine here is available from nature. No need to run to any pharmacies. The area also has great weather, which is why you don’t need to adapt to their climate if you’re moving here. You can open your windows forever and your home will be filled with fresh air, 24/7.

Food is also always fresh from local farms. The great weather means fresh produce all year round. If that’s not enough, the natives here have a stress-free attitude and everyone’s laid back.

4. Italy


If you haven’t heard of the great health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, then you’ve been living under a rock. And where else can a health nut live than in the birthplace of this diet in Sardinia, Italy! Not only do people here live up to their hundreds, most men work as shepherds and adapt a lifestyle of walking five miles daily.

Aside from that, the diet consists of beans, greens, fruits, olive oil, cheese from grass-fed sheep, whole grain bread, tomatoes, nuts, etc. And meat is usually reserved for feast days.

They also consume wine on a daily basis. But the red wine they drink is the local wine, Cannonau, which has the highest number of antioxidants in the world.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand

The awesome landscapes and pollution free environment are some of the key reasons why New Zealand is one of the best places to live if you’re a health nut. Health care is available and affordable, free even, and there’s less stress. Life expectancy is late 70s for men and early 80s for women.

The lush greenery permits its residents for a very outdoor lifestyle, especially in participating in sports. Walking, hiking, fishing, swimming, and boating are among the major activities that New Zealanders do.

Food is also not a problem here as the seafood is abundant and fresh, there are fruits and vegetables grown locally.

6. Netherlands


Though this country is highly populated and urbanized, the residents of this country enjoy plentiful food that is fresh and cheap. The options available enable the residents to enjoy a great range of food, so every meal is balanced.  No wonder this country ranks first in the world’s best place for healthy eating.

The country also has low diabetes levels and tuberculosis rates. You can also grow old into your early 70s just like the rest of the population.

7. Japan


Japanese cuisine is made up of seafood, seafood, and oh, seafood. Not only do they munch on good fish, they also eat a lot of seaweed. If you notice, the Japanese serve their food in small portions, which means that you get to eat little instead of a lot. They consume a lot of fermented food items and do karaoke to de-stress.

The country has great public baths and hot springs, plus they have gone green. They have a lot of public parks, hike trails, and walking seem to be their past time.

Their tea culture is something that they also take seriously and from a very young age. Don’t think British high tea, think more of natural, zen, tea sessions. They have low unemployment rate and an adult adult obesity rate of 3.3%. One of the lowest in the world.

8. Sweden


The Swedish people owe it to their stunning landscapes that make them want to play and stay outside more often. Also, the Swedish government have policies to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Their diet is also high in fish, which means more omega-3 fatty acids and their cooking methods don’t disappoint either. They don’t use a lot of oil and instead, they ferment, dry or smoke their food.

Healthcare coverage is also one of the best in the world, which is why you can live to your 80s in this country and their infant deaths is only 2/1000 births.

9. Finland


Not so long ago, Finland used to be one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. But now, thanks to the government’s initiatives, Finnish people are the least smokers in the world and they eat twice as many fruits and vegetables. Pollution is relatively lower and their lifestyles are balanced with work and less stress.

Meat is also unpopular and takes in more of fish and tofu. Deaths from cardiovascular diseases have dropped down to one percent.

10. Singapore


Hailed as 2015’s healthiest country, Singapore has a lot to teach us. You don’t need to have lush greenery and landscapes to become the world’s healthiest country. They just exhibited a healthy living culture and great healthcare – two things that you need when looking for the best place to live in if you’re a health nut in your 20s.

Also, Singapore has a low smoking rate, with oinly 14% of adults smoking. The diet is also typical Singaporean which is composed of carbohydrates and a lot of vegetables, meat, and fish.

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