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Twas the night before new years – Dec 31, 2010. Nathalie and her friends Jenn and Lisa were discussing their New Years Resolutions over cocktails. As fatchicks, one of their biggest resolutions was to lose weight – as it had been every year since junior high. But unlike previous years, Nat, Jenn, and Lisa made a pact – that by the end of 2011, they would all hit a BMI of under 25.0, or “Normal”.

After a year of major lifestyle changes, low calories, hours in the gym, hundreds of pounds dropped on the scale, and the occasional tears – Nathalie, Jen and Lisa all managed to achieve their weight loss goals. It certainly wasn’t easy, and there were definitely major setbacks and moments when quitting seemed like the only option.

Today, Nathalie has gone on to become a personal trainer, educating & helping women achieve the body of their dreams. Jenn and Lisa still live a healthy lifestyle and are passionate about nutrition and fitness. Together, they decided to create eatyourkale.com in June 2012, a site devoted to helping women struggling with their weight gain back control. Our goal is to show women how to lose weight in accordance with the following principles:

  • There is quick weight loss, but there are no short cuts
  • Weight loss follows healthy living
  • Motivation is more powerful than discipline
  • Eliminating temptation and preparedness is the key to successful dieting
  • Knowledge is power
  • We support each other!

We know its hard because we’ve been down that road. If you’re struggling with weight issues and you want to join us as ex-fatchicks, we’d love to be a part of your journey! Read our articles, comment, write us, and subscribe to our newsletter. We hope you’ll find our content helpful in achieving your weight loss goals.

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