Fad Diets – Why Aren’t You Losing Weight?

A lot of great diets started off as “fads”. On the other hand, a lot of diets based on questionable principles and borderline unhealthy eating practices started as fads as well.

But the bottom line is that no matter how many celebrities, talk show hosts, new anchors, magazine writers, or fitness experts you see touting a new dieting craze, there’s one thing you can be sure of – the reason they’re called “fad” diets is because lots of people get caught up in the hype and jump on board, but only until they the next fad comes along. It’s right there in the definition:

“Fad (noun) – An intense but short-lived […] craze”
– from TheFreeDictionary.com

But wait a second, that doesn’t sound like long term weight loss and a total life transformation, does it? That’s because it’s not. The fad mentality will keep you feeling like you’re doing something to overcome your weight problems, as you jump from diet to diet, from craze to craze, never making any real changes.

If that’s what you want to accomplish, then by all means, go hop onto the latest fad diet. But if you’re serious about weight loss, healthy eating, and changing your life, then ditch the fad dieting mindset and focus on the following principles instead:

“I Want To Change My Life”
It’s easy to jump on board the latest fad diet. When everyone’s climbing on board, it can provide motivation and a desire to make a change. This can actually be a great thing. But the problem is that most of the time, jumping onto the latest craze isn’t going to change your life. What will change your life however, is committing to that change. There’s plenty of real, effective dieting information out there for you, so why do you need some new celebrity endorsed craze to help you make a change?

Reduce Your Portions
Even if you don’t have the first clue about dieting, reducing your portion sizes will help you lose weight. It’s simple thermodynamics – if you burn more energy than you consume you’ll lose weight.

If you’re really going to commit to serious weight loss, you may have to delve a bit deeper into nutrition and food selection, but if you feel tempted to throw yourself into another fad diet, focus your energy on making small, sustainable changes to your daily eating habits instead.

Get Active
Dieting is the key to weight loss, but being active is a way to supercharge your weight loss time table. It also improves your health and makes you feel great overall. Some fad diets will include a workout component, some won’t – it shouldn’t matter to you.

We encourage anyone looking to lose weight and transform their bodies get active right away. Even if it just means taking a 20 minute walk every day, this is something you can start doing right this moment. So stop hopping on every fad diet that comes along and commit to making small, sustainable changes right this minute – that’s how you achieve real dieting success.

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