Best Tips: Home Rowing Machines Are Gaining Popularity In 2015

best home rowing machines review
Remember those days when everyone had a treadmill in their home gym? Nowadays there are so many more options available for those who want a full-body workout at home. One which is gaining ground swiftly is the indoor rowing machine. What is a home rowing machine? It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a long, narrow piece of gym equipment that you sit down on.

You grab a bar and simulate the action of rowing a kayak in the comfort of your home. The machine provides resistance so that you can work out your upper body and get your heart rate going. Even though most of the work is done by your arms, shoulders, and back, you will also work out your neck, abs, and legs.

Why are home rowing machines popular?

They offer a number of different benefits:

  • A home rowing machine is a wonderful choice if you can only get one item of gym equipment. With an indoor rowing machine, you really don’t need anything else to work out your entire body. Just a half hour several times a week on your home rowing machine is enough to build muscle, burn fat, and start sculpting your physique.
  • Because working out on a home rowing machine gets your heart rate going, it works out your cardiovascular system at the same time as it trains your muscles. So this is like getting cardio and strength training simultaneously.
  • Home rowing machines are ergonomically designed and comfortable for most users. The best home rowing machine is one which has been engineered with shock absorption. This protects your joints from impacts, which is great if you have chronic injuries or arthritis to deal with. For many users, a home rowing machine is more comfortable than a treadmill.
  • The best rowing machine for home is also one which can provide you with comprehensive feedback on what you are doing. Most home rowing machines these days provide you with detailed information about how long you have been working out, how many strokes you have made, and how many calories you have burned. This makes it easy for you to monitor your workouts and chart your progress on the home rowing machine.

home rowing machinesWhat to Look for in the Best Home Rowing Machine

When you are shopping for the best rowing machine for home, you will want to weigh the following features. The best home rowing machine will compromise on as few of these points as possible:

  • Ergonomics. This one is a must for any quality indoor rowing machine. You want a machine which is going to be safe and comfortable to use, and which provides you with the cushioning, support, and range of motion you need.
  • Hazard-free. This is another feature you absolutely cannot compromise on while shopping for the best rowing machine for home. Look out for sharp parts, protruding parts that might snag on clothing, and other potential dangers.
  • Compact design and portability. Just how important this feature is will depend on your needs. For small spaces, compact storage is a must for any indoor rowing machine.       Many machines fold up for easy storage.
  • Construction. Your home rowing machine should have a durable frame which will last for years.       The best rowing machine for home will also be backed by a strong warranty and sterling customer service.
  • Capacity. Pay attention to the size and weight capacity of your machine. Some of the best home rowing machines are adjustable.
  • Price. There is a wide price range for home rowing machines. You could pay as little as $100 (or less) for the best rowing machine for home, or you could pay close to (or more than) $1,000.       The best home rowing machine will fit your price range and provide you with the best value in that range.

Now you know more about rowing machines, their benefits, and what features are important in an indoor rowing machine. Figure out your budget and start looking through best home rowing machine reviews. Take the time to do your homework, and you should be able to find a high quality rowing machine that will provide you with outstanding performance for years!

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