Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

jenny craig vs nutrisystem

by Jenna Shea

in Diet Reviews

Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are two very popular diet plans with a proven history of success for weight loss. Millions of men and women have changed their lives through the Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem plans. Both diets preach healthy dieting and when followed precisely – the results are very noticeable.

These diet plans not only give you instructions on what you should eat but they eliminate the need of preparing meals everyday – so you should have no reason to not eat properly. Purchasing pre-packaged meals and snacks through these diet plans can be costly, but the value is there if you factor in the diet’s effectiveness and the convenience of these meals.

Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are both great choices for anyone looking for a weight loss program that offers both healthy dieting and portion control for weight loss. Choosing one or the other is simply a matter of deciding which is best for you.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a household name in the dieting industry. The Jenny Craig diet recommends you start by only eating Jenny Craig packaged meals and snacks. After you adapt to the food provided in the program you can start preparing your own healthy meals. These meals are based around portion control and caloric limitations with an additional focus on a healthy macronutrient breakdown. There are many meals and snacks to choose from so you are unlikely to become bored or displeased with the selection anytime soon. While on an individual basis, an estimated one to two pounds of weight loss each week is common on the Jenny Craig diet plan.

The Jenny Craig diet is available with various membership options ranging from under $30 to over $400. The cost of the food must also be factored in. Click here for a full price list of Jenny Craig meals and snacks. Some prices may not be completely accurate on this price list but it is the most reliable resource available for non-Jenny Craig members. Click here to request an instant call back from a Jenny Craig consultant and see if the Jenny Craig diet is right for you.


As we are comparing Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem, it is important to give both diet plans a chance before coming to a conclusion. While the Nutrisystem name is less popular than Jenny Craig, it’s also a great diet program.

Nutrisystem is a healthy and effective diet plan that is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of meal preparation and portion control. This diet plan also provides support to all its users with a weekly online or phone counselling session being available to help you stay on track and cover any questions you may have. The Nutrisystem is great for weight loss but a planned transition into preparing your own meals is still recommended. This is truly a set and forget weight loss plan for as long as you can afford it though as full prepared meals and snacks are provided with your membership.

The Nutrisystem diet provides you with all the food you need, aside from fruits and vegetables that you can buy locally to make sure that they are fresh. The general price for the Nutrisystem diet plan is between $229.99 and $319.99 every four weeks depending on which Core, Silver, or Vegetarian plan you purchase. There are discount offers up to 40% that are available with Nutrisystem orders which make them an even greater value. With this program you receive a variety of Nutrisystem meals as a paid member and you are not required to pay by meal. Click here to view the Nutrisystem menu.

Conclusion – Which Diet Plan Is Better?

When comparing the Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig diet, the weight loss results are fairly similar – not surprising since both programs follow the same, effective principles of healthy food selection and portion control.

The support available in both systems varies. There are lots of local Jenny Craig centres available in most areas, but you may prefer the phone or Internet counselling offered by Nutrisystem. The food selection should also be considered in your decision. The taste of the meals will play a role in your satisfaction while on the diet, but this can be difficult to judge objectively. The taste test resulted with Jenny Craig meals begin dubbed the tastier of the two, but not by much.

It All Comes Down To Personal Preference

What it comes down to between these two diets is which you personally prefer (structure, meal types, community support) and which is the more affordable option for you. These diet plans can get very pricey and saving even a few dollars can help out so you have to be conscious to the price when choosing between them. Ultimately, pitting Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem will create no clear winner as these diet plans are pretty much on the same level, it all comes down to personal preference.

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