Jillian Michaels Fat Burner Review

jillian michaels fat burner review

Jillian Michaels is most well known for her stint as a personal trainer on NBC’s hit show The Bigger Loser. Her own show “Losing It With Jillian” has gained her a substantial amount of attention as well. With her prominence in fitness media she has become a top household name and that has made her a very valuable commodity.

With her popularity came a dietary supplement line which can be found in many supplement, grocery, and department stores across the world. Her displayed level of expertise and knowledge on weight loss should not be directly translated to the quality of these products though. Instead, it is important to detach the Jillian Michaels brand from the supplement and examine the product to see if it really lives up to its hype, or if it has anything to offer at all.

Does Jillian Michaels Fat Burner Work?

To determine if Jillian Michaels Fat Burner works you must first consider what it claims to do. The Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner has three main beneficial claims. The claims are worded at a technical level which can be confusing to the average person so it is important to evaluate them more in-depth and get a greater understanding on what they are suggesting. Look below for an idea on what is being claimed and how logical and possibly true these claims are.

”Promote Preferential Loss Of Fat Mass”

Jillian Michaels Fat Burner claims to “promote preferential loss of fat mass”. This claim is not very definitive as “preferential” is pretty vague in this context. However, what it sounds like it’s suggesting is that the product is capable of providing spot reduction (preferential: manifesting partiality) weight loss results.

If the claim is that the product will promote fat mass loss in preferred areas of the body i.e. thighs, belly, neck etc, then the claim simply cannot be true. Contrary to the ever-popular spot reduction myth, it is actually not possible to lose fat mass in a single area through dieting or exercise. With that in mind, this claim is very poorly worded and ambiguous – perhaps deliberately.

”Encourage Lipolysis (release of fat from mature cells)”

This claim is much more specific and allows us to analyze it with greater accuracy. However, it utilizes a term (“encourage”) which means that it could a) cause Lipolysis or b) simply be an indirect influence on it. When a claim uses “encourage” that there are many ways for the product to prove true to that claim, even if it doesn’t offer any significant benefits. This claim basically does not say anything about what the product guarantees to do, but it definitely sounds good on the bottle.

“Inhibit Activity Of Phosphodiesterase”

This is the one claim that really stands out as a cause for concern. The human body includes numerous phosphodiesterase enzymes (PDE) and the Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner does not mention any specific PDE that is inhibited by their product. This could just be laziness on the marketing team’s behalf but since many other drugs (such as Viagra) are classified as PDE inhibitors, it would definitely be helpful to know which PDE it effects. PDE 3B is the likely candidate as it has relevance to fat burning but without it being specified, one can only assume. That is what it comes down to with this product too. Based on the claims that are made, a customer is expected to assume that the product will provide good results as there are no weighted facts in the product claims.

Analyzing the Ingredients

It is disappointing that a customer cannot simply take this product for face value and feel safe knowing that it will provide great results. To know if this is a worthwhile fat burner a customer must instead do the research on the ingredients that are included and see if the combination will result in any fat loss benefits. Click here to view a detailed analysis of the full ingredients list that is found in this fat burner.

To summarize though, the list of ingredients found in Jillian Michaels Fat Burner are lackluster at best. The ingredients sound great on a label and are seemingly beneficial to your health. However, the fat burner component of the product basically consistof a caffeine and synephrine compound and features low amounts of most ingredients that are proven to be effective for weight loss purposes. While the ingredients may have vague fat burning properties, they definitely do not add up to a highly effective fat burning supplement.

Overall, the Jillian Michaels Fat Burner appears to make vague claims and contain fairly mundane ingredients, all wrapped up in a popular brand and a high price tag. There are better fat burners out there that provide factual claims and have a proven history of positive results for a lot less.

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