Rowing Machine Workouts: How to Use a Rowing Machine Correctly

Rowing Machine Workout

If you’ve never used a rowing machine before, you need to know how to do a rowing machine workout in order to get the most out of your new purchase. Rowing machine workouts are great for total body fitness, and rowing machine benefits extend to all your muscle groups. The benefits of rowing machine fitness only apply when you do it right, though. If you do not know how to use a rowing machine, you need to learn so you get all the rowing machine benefits without getting injured.

Before you start your row machine workout, make sure you are properly clothed. Wear form-fitting clothes when you do rowing machine workouts so that nothing will snag. Use resistance ranging from two to three for your rowing machine workout if you are a beginner. Keep rowing machine workout strokes in the low- to mid-20s. You will not get the benefits of rowing machine workouts by overworking yourself as a beginner. Rowing machine benefits compound gradually as you get better and better at rowing machine workouts.

Next you need to know how to use a rowing machine to do an actual set of rowing machine workouts. The first step to rowing machine benefits is to focus on finding the right form for your row machine workout. This is more important when beginning than doing a hundred row machine workout repetitions. You want the straps tight around your feet so they don’t slide during each rowing machine workout. As you slide toward the top of the machine, pull up your knees. Hold the handle overhand during each row machine workout stroke.

Pull the handle as you slide to the end. When you straighten your legs, keep a slight bend to your knees (don’t lock them). In this position, you should be leaning back slightly, with the handle pulled to your chest, your elbows pointing down. This position is the start and end of every row machine workout stroke.

The next step in a rowing machine workout is the “catch.” You move out your arms, then your upper body, keep your back straight, and angle your body forward. Slide forward on the seat by bending your legs and fully extending your arms. Next step in how to use a rowing machine is the “drive.” You work out your legs and core, pushing off with your feet, straightening your legs, and leaning back. You get many of the benefits of rowing machine workouts during this step. During rowing machine workouts, this mimics pulling the oars from the water. If you have ever rowed on the water, you know this is one of the most challenging physical aspects of rowing.

Rowing machine benefits are numerous, but the benefits of rowing machine workouts depend entirely on performing them properly. When learning how to use a rowing machine, it is wise to watch a video demonstration of how to use a rowing machine. This will ensure you know exactly what you are doing and get all the benefits of rowing machine exercises.

Also important is the actual rowing machine you buy – read this full guide on how to buy a great rowing machine.

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