The Easiest Diet Plan – The Simplest Way To Start Losing Weight

Simply put, The Easiest Diet Plan was the SIMPLEST kick-start diet we could come up with. Its flexible, easy to follow, and it REALLY works!

For some people, getting started on a diet is easy. They’ll soak up nutritional info, cleanse their cupboards of junk food, and spend hours preparing delicious, healthy meals.

Eventually, they start to get distracted from their goal as that initial burst of enthusiasm fades, and reality sets in. Others simply don’t know where to start. There’s just too much information out there!

Why The Easiest Diet Plan Will Work For You

Whether you start strong on your dieting attempts or you don’t start at all, we promise that the easy diet plan is going to be the simplest way to start losing weight. It’s a flexible, straightforward 6 week path to healthy weight loss. But before we go onto the plan itself, here’s a quick but VERY important note:

The Easiest Diet Plan is definitely NOT the fastest way to lose weight, but it IS the way you’re most likely to initially stick to a diet, because of how slow it progresses. If you want quick results, this diet plan isn’t for you.

So there you have it. We created the easiest diet plan for women who have trouble sticking through the initial stages of dieting. To be fair, it’s not a long-term diet plan, it’s just the simplest way we could think of easing into dieting.

Why Is It The “Easiest” Diet Plan?

We call it The Easiest Diet Plan because the first step literally cannot be any easier. The first step in the easiest diet plan is to simply to eat what you normally eat.

However, the reality is that no healthy diet plan is going to be “easy”. We call it The Easiest Diet Plan because the structure is simple, and it focuses on just gradually changing your eating habits, rather than forcing you into a rigid, unnecessary framework. While the structure is easy to follow, going from Week 1 – 6 and beyond will definitely be a challenge and will require a significant amount of effort on your part.

If we haven’t scared you off yet, let’s go onward to the “easy” diet plan:

The Easiest Diet Plan – Week 1 – Week 6

Week 1 – Eat what you always eat & write it down
For the first week of the easiest diet plan, simply eat what you normally eat. If you indulge in junk food at night, indulge. If you skip breakfast, go right ahead. All we ask is that you RECORD everything you eat. Write it all down in a log – what you ate, how much, and what time. Log everything. Do it for the first week.

Oh, and you also have a homework assignment:

Homework assignment #1: Read The Beginner’s Guide To Dieting


Week 2 – Eat exactly what you ate last week, but cut out all sweetened drinks
If you’re serious about losing weight, you’ll need to learn to love water and herbal tea. Soda, diet soda, fruit juices, sugary coffee drinks, gatorade, energy drinks, and any other sweetened drinks are a no-no.

This is a pretty simple step, but anyone used to regularly downing Cola, it may seem impossible. If you’re not used to drinking water this may actually be the most difficult step in the plan. To make it easier, make sure you don’t have any sweetened drinks lying around the house that could tempt you. All you are allowed to drink going forward are:

  • Water
  • Herbal tea
  • Unsweetened coffee

Homework assignment #2: Throw any sweetened beverages you have lying around the house into the trash can. No excuses, no exceptions.

Week 3 – Eat the same food as Week 2, but cut out 1 Meal
Now here is where we use the information you gathered in Week 1. You’re going to look back at your logs and eat exactly what you ate in week 1, except you’ll cut out 1 meal a day. It doesn’t matter what the meal is, but you’ll cut it out, so you’re eating the same food, but 1 less meal each day.

Here’s your homework assignment in preparation for Week 4:

Homework assignment #3: Find healthy diet recipes and learn to prepare them.

Week 4 – Eat the same food as Week 3, but replace 1 meal a day with a healthy dish
The purpose of cutting out a meal in Week 3 was that – if you’re overweight – you’re likely eating too many calories. Cutting out 1 meal a day will reduce the number of calories you eat, thus leading to weight loss. Of course, you probably haven’t made enough changes to notice any changes in your body, but that’s ok. We’ll get there.

This week, you’re going to eat the same food as you did in Week 3, but you’re going to replace 1 of the meals with a healthy dish that you cook yourself.

Week 5 – Eat the same food as Week 4, but cut out 1 of your unhealthy meals everyday and replace it with a smaller, healthier dish.
This week is another attempt to gradually change your eating habits while also reducing calories. Are we seeing a pattern yet? This week, you’re cutting out another unhealthy meal and replacing it with a healthy dish, but we’re also making a concerted effort to reduce portion size.

Homework assignment #4: As you have to prepare more and more healthy meals and give up the convenience of quick junk food, you’ll find that you’ll have less and less time to make it all work.

Your homework assignment this week is to develop and research ways to make your food preparation more effective. This might be mean batch preparing food, picking simpler recipes, picking recipes that share the same preparation steps, or just giving up variety and sticking to a few simple meals that you can prepare quickly.

Week 6 – Eat the same food as Week 5, but cut out 1 of your unhealthy meals everyday and replace it with a smaller, healthier dish.
At this stage, if you’ve made it this far you’ve eliminated sugary drinks, 3 unhealthy meals a day, and replaced them with water, herbal tea, and 2 other meals with healthier portions.

At this point, you probably still have a few unhealthy snacks in your daily routine. You will have to cut these back eventually, but because this is The Easiest Diet Plan, we’re not asking you to do that here. As long as you’re seeing weight loss, we’re still on track.

Homework assignment #5: Keep it up, you’re eating much healthier at this point! Keep sticking to your new meals, and continue to expand your nutritional knowledge while you learn to cook new healthy dishes.

Beyond 6 Weeks

If you followed this 6 week plan exactly, your diet will have improved significantly. Even if you do nothing else, you should start seeing some weight loss – especially if you combine this easy diet plan with a little bit of fitness.

To get started with your fitness regimen, check out some of our easy home workouts for women here.

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