Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Reviews & Benefits

Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Reviews & Benefits

Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Reviews & BenefitsIf you’re looking for Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal reviews, you’re probably an expectant mother or the partner of a woman expecting to have a baby. These vitamins are made by the nutrition company Garden of Life, and they contain only naturally derived ingredients, including real folate instead of folic acid, which is the synthetic substitute used in most run-of-the-mill vitamins. Garden of Life really makes a big effort to offer the best nutrition possible in a vitamin capsule, and not only do their vitamins contain all-natural ingredients, but they can boost the immune systems of pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Taste and Ingredients

Taking Vitamin Code Raw capsules instead of regular chewables or synthetic vitamins is like the difference between eating a home-cooked meal of pasta with vegetables or Ramen noodles cooked in the microwave. They have absolutely no artificial ingredients, which is critical for mothers who want to raise their children on natural diets, and because they don’t have any artificial colors or flavorings, they have a somewhat earthy taste, if you happen to taste what’s inside one of the capsules. In other words, it’s not a good idea to chew one of these up or dissolve one in your orange juice, but because they’re made from easily digestible vegetable ingredients, they tend not to give you indigestion or make you burp the taste back up.

Untreated, Uncooked and Unaltered

Almost all of the Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal reviews on the Internet are positive and enthusiastic, and the only negative reviews are related to the taste. The truth is, however, that you’re not supposed to taste the contents of the capsules at all, and you should just swallow them with liquid and allow them to dissolve in your stomach. You might be able to smell the earthy, crushed-up vegetable matter when you get the capsules close to your nose or when they’re in your mouth, but just about everyone agrees that the smell and taste are not that bad. Garden of Life makes these vitamins from uncooked vegetables; hence the name Raw. They’re not treated or altered in any way, and there are no fillers or binders added to the natural ingredients.

Support for Neural Tube Development

Many Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal reviews mention the fact that these vitamins are great for lactating mothers because they contain natural probiotics that support immune system health for mothers and their babies. It’s also a fact that pregnant women produce up to 50 percent more blood than when they’re not pregnant, and all this extra blood requires additional nutrients. These capsules have food-derived iron, folate and other B-Complex vitamins.

Folate is one of the most important nutrients that expectant mothers can consume before and during pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control warns mothers to take at least 400 micrograms of folate per day before conception as well as through the first trimester of pregnancy. This vitamin comes from leafy greens such as kale and spinach and supports optimal neural tube formation in developing fetuses. With this requirement taken care of, babies are much less likely to be born with disabilities related to brain or spinal cord development.

Digestive Support

Many women have trouble digesting their food properly when they become pregnant, and getting such a huge boost of natural vitamins helps regulate the digestive systems of pregnant women. A lot of Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal reviews come from women who say they no longer get constipated after taking these vitamins, which is a major relief when you have to juggle work and family obligations with a pregnancy. Overall, you can expect to feel a lot healthier and have a healthy baby when taking these capsules.

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