Yoplait Diet Review

yoplait diet review

The Yoplait diet is a diet plan which focuses around the incorporation of Yoplait yogurt to the meal plans. This diet was created as a marketing method for the Yoplait company as it demonstrates the healthiness of their yogurt and the weight loss benefits that it may offer when added to your diet.

The diet plan became popular due to the popularity of the Yoplait brand and its direct link to customers that are healthy minded. With the outlined meal plan of the Yoplait diet – it has proven to be a sustainable diet for weight loss purposes. However, when evaluating the effectiveness and safety of the Yoplait diet it is important to consider whether this diet is the best choice for you.

Yoplait Diet Plan

The Yoplait diet plan is referred to as the “Two Week Tune Up” as it consists of a two week meal plan that you must follow. The diet features healthy meal plans and incorporates a considerable amount of Yoplait yogurt. This diet plan would be just as effective when used with other brands of yogurt but the fundamentals are sound and the company offers extensive recipes to prevent dieting boredom. Some of these recipes even allow you to use Yoplait yogurt to make smoothies which adds a lot to your meal options.

Click here to view an example of a Yoplait diet meal plan that you could follow or look below to see a general outline of what your daily meal plan will consist of.


Breakfast will include a 6oz serving of Yoplait Light yogurt. Yoplait has 33 different flavors to choose from for their Light series so you will have no problem switching it up each day. You will be required to have a serving of fruit which could be combined with the yogurt to create a shake or smoothie. You will also have to eat a serving of grains such as Cheerios or a Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar.


Your requirements for lunch will be the same as the requirements for breakfast. For this reason many choose to have a smoothie for one of these two meals as it prevents repetitiveness and boredom with the diet.


Snacks are not always a scheduled meal but you can choose when and where to implement them into your diet plan for structural purposes. Putting them after your lunch is a great idea as the breakfast and lunch meals are made up of light foods and may leave you hungry a few hours after. Snacks should be in the form of a single serving of vegetables. Starchy vegetables should be avoided.


Dinner requires 6oz of lean protein, two servings of vegetables, and one serving of fat. There are many possible sources of lean protein that work with the Yoplait diet plan, such as chicken or turkey breast, canned tuna, shellfish, fish, and lean beef. Basically, you can choose any amount of these foods in any serving size permitting it totals 6oz.

Again, the vegetable servings can be made of any non-starchy vegetables. The fat serving has many different options such as 1tbsp salad dressing or cream cheese, 1stp oil or butter, 10 peanuts, 16 pistachios, 6 almonds, or 8 large black olives. The fat serving may not offer a large amount of food and it is not the most appealing options but it could add to the appeal of your protein servings or work as a little post-dinner snack.

Non-Fat Dairy

You will also be required to consume three servings of non-fat dairy throughout the day. This may be in the form of skim milk, Yoplait Light yogurt, plain non-fat yogurt, and non-fat cottage cheese.

Other Requirements

You will also be required to avoid any caloric beverages. High water intake is recommended whenever dieting and will help you with feeling full throughout the day. Non-sweetened ice tea is acceptable while on the Yoplait diet. You may also use Crystal Light and similar water sweeteners as many range from 0 to 10 calories per serving.

Exercise will also be important but intensive exercising is not recommended due to the lower caloric intake of this diet. Walking for half an hour or a little more each day would be ideal. If you would like to view more details on the two week diet plan from Yoplait then simply click here and read up on their program.

Does the Yoplait Diet Work?

The Yoplait diet will definitely help you with weight loss if it is done properly. The general meal plan that Yoplait suggests will add up to approximately 1,200 calories per day. This is broken down to 30% protein, 25% fat, and 45% carbohydrate. The macronutrient breakdown is healthy and the caloric intake allows for sufficient amounts of all macronutrients. This means that there is a caloric deficit that promotes fat loss and you are not malnourished at all so water weight loss is limited and muscle loss is prevented.

Yoplait claims that the Yoplait diet will help an individual lose up to five pounds in two weeks. To lose each pound of weight, a person must eat 3500 less calories than he/she expends. To lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks on the Yoplait diet, you would need to eat 125 fewer calories than you burn. This is easily possible with the Yoplait diet plan alone, but not everyone will be able to manage such an extreme caloric deficit. However, if combined with exercise, the target caloric deficit for the five pound weight loss goal will be easily achieved.

The diet is also only practiced for two weeks and after that period you can return to maintenance intake or choose a smaller caloric deficit (300 to 500 calories) to continue your weight loss journey. You also have the option to transition out of the diet by gradually increasing calorie intake and maximizing your weight loss results.

Pros of the Yoplait Diet

  • The diet provides a structured meal plan free of charge with foods that can be purchased from your local grocer.
  • The macronutrient breakdown is nearly perfect for a diet with such a low daily caloric intake, which prevents significant loss from muscle mass.
  • The many flavors of Yoplait yogurt make it easier to stick through the diet and not get bored with your options.
  • Their website provides extensive dieting and exercise tips and clearly outlines what you should do and avoid during the diet.
  • After the two week period it is easy to transition to a similar healthy diet for weight loss purposes.
  • You will become accustomed to planning your meals based on portion control and macronutrient contents.

Cons of the Yoplait Diet

  • Getting bored of the diet is very common even after experimenting with various Yoplait recipes.
  • Only enjoying protein foods at dinner can leave you dissatisfied for much of the day.
  • The first two meals of the day are practically the same and do not include much solid food.
  • If you do not like yogurt then this diet would be nearly impossible to stick through.
  • The low calorie intake makes it more feasible for women to go on the diet, although you can find a variation of the diet which is made for men.
  • The diet plan requires you to consume various General Mills foods which are highly processed.
  • The diet does not allow you to consume the recommended amount of starch each day.

The Final Verdict – Is The Yoplait Diet Worth Trying?

The Yoplait diet uses an effective and healthy diet plan which follows many of the practical rules of safe dieting. At the same time it is able to create a generous caloric deficit and in a two week period this can easily add up to a two to five pound weight loss. The amount of weight that is regained because of water weight loss is undeterminable, and will depend on how the dieter manages their diet after the initial 2 weeks of the Yoplait diet plan. All in all, for a diet that features a large caloric deficit, the Yoplait diet is well definitely structured to minimize muscle loss and maximize the loss of fat. It is your responsibility after the diet to continue with a healthy dieting plan to maintain your weight loss or lose more weight.

If you follow the Yoplait diet, you’ll likely lose the 2-5 pounds in 2 weeks that the diet promises, but the repetitive meals and high yogurt consumption may lead to boredom and disinterest. So while the diet is effective and safe to do for a couple of weeks, it may not be the most enjoyable diet for everyone and there may be more appealing diet plans to choose from.

In summary, the Yoplait diet would be recommended for anyone looking for a structured meal plan to help provide quick weight loss results that will also help you with transitioning into a healthier lifestyle.

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